Prudence   oil, pencil, collage, ink marker on polymath

466 x 46 inches

On Duty    oil, ink, graphite, collage on canvas

48 x 48 inches

Leyden   oil, pencil, collage, marker on canvas

10 x 10 inches

CrossCurrent, 2014 by Doug Drump

Cross Current   oil, ink, pencil, collage on canvas

46 x 46 inches

Bike Path    oil, collage, ink on polymath

46 x 46 inches

Above and Below by Doug Trump

Above and Below   oil, pencil, ink on paper

40 x 32 inches

Counting Camels   oil, pencil, marker, ink on canvas

33 x 25 inches

Oh Plainfield by Doug Trump

Oh Plainfield   oil, ink, graphite, collage on paper

32 x 40 inches

I’d Say     oil, graphite, ink on paper

10 x 8 inches

Hands On  oil, graphite college on paper

12 x 12 inches