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CYNTHIA REEVES manages art projects in the US, Europe, and Asia, including permanent site-based installations, public sculpture and public arts programming, curation of corporate collections and curatorial projects in off-site venues.
Portrait of Cynthia Reeves

The firm has partnered with architectural and design teams to realize large-scale projects for Fortune 500 companies, medical centers, academic campuses and performing arts centers here and abroad. As project managers, we are responsible for the concept / design process through to installation. We work closely with the client’s team — including financial, architectural, design, contractors, and real estate management staff – to identify the best artistic options in response to project criteria: aesthetic choices, suitability of materials, engineering considerations, timeline for fabrication and installation, budget, and other logistical concerns. At the conclusion of the project, we provide our clients with an online informational portal and a program for community outreach, by which the presence of art can be used as an ongoing educational opportunity.



The gallery has consistently pursued curatorial themes based on the intersection of art + environment, and art + science. Our work with noted artists worldwide exemplifies our strong support of artwork that promotes sustainability, use of recycled materials, and an awareness of how science and art inform each other.

PROJECT BASED innovative materials and methodologies

SITE SPECIFIC creative use of space and volume

ART MAKING collaborative and integrative initiatives

ART EXHIBITION engaging with the community


a curated exhibition of over seventy artists from around the world, each examining the contemporary pressures around water quality and access, while highlighting how water imbues our sense of place through its natural beauty.



a commentary by Sam Stubblefield on how humankind is co-opting space exploration for resource exploitation.


Jennifer Caine  |  hand cut stenciled Japanese papers

Installation of work by Artist, Caine.


Steven Siegel | MASS MoCA Gallery

Installation of art by Steven Siegel

Michael Mulhern  /  Lori Fredette  | MASS MoCA Gallery

Work by Michael Mulhern / Lori Fredette


OUR INITIAL GOAL is to identify with the client and the client’s team (financial, architectural, design, contracting, and real estate management teams) the best artistic options to respond to various project criteria:

  • Aesthetic choices
  • Suitability of materials
  • Engineering considerations,
  • Timeline for fabrication and installation, 
  • and other logistical concerns as well as budget.

The dialog among all the stakeholders enables us to synthesize the various goals as expressed by the group with the considerations dictated by the space and other parameters.

SPECIFICALLY, in developing a project and creating a solid partnership with the client, we:

  • review short list of artists provided by clients and add additional candidates as needed
  • suitability of materials
  • engineering considerations,
  • timeline for fabrication and installation, 
  • and other logistical concerns as well as budget.
  • upon acceptance of the proposal and budget, develop and finalize contracts
  • work with the client to get contracts and insurance coverage signed and in place
  • reach out to consulting engineers as required to vet attachment methodologies, weigh tension points, integrity of materials, etc.
  • develop schedule with benchmarks and payment schedules for work to be accomplished
  • oversee fabricators, manufacturers, artist studio, provide client timely progress reports
  • quality control
  • for commissioned / custom elements, vet quality and deliverables
  • obtain shipping / crating timing and estimates
  • assess lighting plans, liaise with lighting designer and engineers to accomplish on site
  • work with mechanical engineers on site for all audio / video or other equipment in support of the art project
  • develop an installation plan, including equipment needs such as a scissor lifts, etc.
  • and team members to accomplish the install in a reasonable timeframe
  • provide timely benchmark reports to client / artist
  • document the project for the artist archives and the gallery’s archive.
  • develop pr / social media and online publicity


Cynthia-Reeves provides permanent public art programming for companies developing large campuses and urban spaces. For these projects, we thoughtfully review the specific identifiers for the community: landmarks, the history that shapes its sense of identity, topographical / geographical references, and notable businesses and personalities that have shaped the community. Taking our cue from these reference points, we review innovative material selections, interpretive methodologies, scale considerations, and siting opportunities to inform the project’s creative guidelines.

We collaborate with urban planning teams, landscape architects and corporate clients to clarify the role of public art in a successful urban redesign.  Applied thoughtfully to the urban landscape, public art reinforces  one’s sense of place, reinvigorates an appreciation of one’s surroundings, and creates a dynamic sense of connectedness among neighbors, companies, and the community at large.

  • Public art as identifier:  significant sculptural moments to help pedestrians experience a sense of belonging and familiarity through the presence of artwork.
  • Public art as way-finding/way moving:  a series of thoughtfully integrated artworks assists pedestrians in moving through the urbanscape, as they are handed off from one art moment to the next.
  • Public art as landscape:  Landform elements– integrating art-making into the landscape –  creates a gradually changing art presence that responds to the turn of seasons, and maturation of the greenspace over time.
  • Public art as recreation and play: drawing on artists’ inspiration, the challenge is to find innovative ways of utilizing art installations as a field of play; and, to use artwork as an invitation to pause, relax and find respite. Often, these works are in conjunction with thoughtful landscape design.
  • Public art as education: Artwork can be introduced as a way of elucidating the systems that are the substrate of the urbanscape – water remediation, public transit, history, sense of place, information source.


City of London

Duke Energy

DIVCO West, Cambridge Crossing, Cambridge, MA

Union Square Partnership, NYC

Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, Greensboro, NC

Art Miami / Public Art Initiative

Brookfield Place, NYC

US Art in Embassies Program, Washington DC

Exxon Mobil, Houston, TX

Kimpton Hotel Group, Nashville, TN

Broad Institute, MIT / Harvard, Cambridge, MA

Hudson River Park, NYC

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, NH

595 Madison Avenue Atrium, NYC

KPMG, Orlando, FL

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA

Waldorf Astoria Group, Miami, FL

Totally Thames River Festival, London

The Avenue Concept Public Art Initiative, Providence, RI

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

9.11 Memorial and Museum, NYC

Fiduciary Trust International, NYC

Wexford Science Center, Philadelphia, PA

Hall Corporate Art Campus, Dallas, TX

Ritz Carlton Residences, Miami, FL

Riverside Park, NYC

Dana Farber Medical Center, Boston, MA

Frost Bank, Houston, TX

Galaxy Entertainment Group, Macau and Hong Kong

Price Waterhouse, Miami, FL

City of Milwaukee / AECOM

Dorchester Hotel, London

Sturm Ruger, Newport, NH

New York City Parks Dept., NYC

MANA Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ

The Palace Hotel, NYC

Caribbean Cruise Lines, Miami / Germany

Franklin Electric, Fort Wayne, IN



Gensler / Boston, Charlotte, Houston, Miami, DC

Michael Van Valkenburg Landscape Architects, NYC and Cambridge


Stoss Architects, LA

Gabellini Shephard, NYC

William Rooney, Chicago

Wyndham Hotel Group, NYC

Ritz Carlton 

Hilton / Waldorf

Champalimaud Design ,NYC

FX Fowle, NYC

Heather Wells Ltd., Boston

Faulkner and Locke

Orrick and Company, Greenwich CT

DR Horne and Company, DC

SLAM Collaborative, Hartford CT

Wyndham Hotels 

Buckingham Developers, 

Crystal Capital, Boston, MA

American Express, NYC

Legg Mason

Time Warner

The Four Seasons

Rockefeller Resorts

Carlyle Hotel 

Energy Capital

Okemo Mountain Resort

Vail Resorts

Parker Meridian

The Phillips Foundation